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Is an Internet gaming site owned and operated by:

Atlantic West Management S.A.
Atlantic West is Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, and brings almost Nine Years of Experience in the Internet Gaming Industry to the Our Club site. is dedicated to providing the best possible service and poker games for its players online. Participants can choose from our countless selection of multiplayer games featured in our online tournaments. We provide value for your money and entertainment in the comfort of your own home and office.

Is located in San Jose Costa Rica. We originally opened in 1999 but operated through an associate company. We have now decided that we can operate our own business, better ourselves, hence the launch of our new site. has many staff members from all over the world, but predominantly based in Costa Rica and Antigua.
As well as every other Atlantic West Management S.A. site has a policy of complete transparency. We provide accurate information on all of our URL registrations, and our various Whois listings have our complete address and corporate contact information.

If you currently play multiplayer poker games on the Internet and have comments or suggestions about our online games, please send us a message. Our goal is to enable all site visitors to play poker, win big and have fun!

Mark - CEO, Atlantic West Management S.A.